Accenture Real-time Spatial Analytics

Business objective

The broadest criteria was to create a unique experience and wow clients.


We developed a Bluetooth beacon tracking system, which allowed conference attendees to track where they moved, who they moved with, and how often they moved.

There was multiple interaction points throughout the conference; web signup, name tag distribution, and big screen interaction.

The easiest way to understand the outcome is the video we put together (view below). For additional details check out Tennis' page: https://designtennis.com/casestudies/new-opportunities-for-real-time-spatial-analytics/

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Staples VR

Business objective

Every year Staples Promotional Products hosts a conference for their clients. This year's trend was VR, the objective was to educate attendees and have a post conference follow-up.


Using Google's Tilt Brush and automation we created a branded virtual world where users could paint. Post-event we created a follow-up email with their 3D painted world. 

You can see the site here:


Nuit Blanche Chthuluscene - 2015

An installation at OCAD for Nuit Blanche. During the event users could sync their phones through motion to create destruction on the projected earth.

Our goal was to create a shared experience where attendees would interact with each other. Using a PWA, node js, and Unity we created an accessible installation.

See video below:

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Spark - Digital Print Platform

Business objective

To create a user-friendly online printing platform.


Users can create accounts, upload content, pay, and print.

We focused on simplifying the users journey by breaking it down into simple tasks and by confirming actions.