Hi There

I've collected a few projects here that show off my skills and what I could add to your team!

Spinmaster AR - 2021

Business objective

With the rise of curbside pickup, we developed an AR experience to entertain kids while they wait.


We a need lower barrier to entry we create a Web AR experience (vs App or Native), where users could jump directly into the experience. Using 8thWall and Aframe for compatibility users could get Chase (the dog) to perform tricks/actions. Users could then take a picture of/with Chase and share it online. 

Cannoe - 2020

Business objective

Translate's the brand's in-store presence to an online experience. Focusing on animation and transitions to bring the brand's *high*-end experience online.


Using our goto front-end framework (vue.js) we created a stunning web experience. Bringing some more subtle/bespoke animations with lottie. 

Accenture Real-time 
Spatial Analytics - 2019

Business objective

The broadest criteria were to create a unique experience and wow clients.

I developed a Bluetooth beacon tracking system, which allowed conference attendees to track where they moved, who they moved with, and how often they moved.

There were multiple interaction points throughout the conference; web signup, name tag distribution, and big screen interaction.

Spark - Digital Print Platform - 2018

Business objective

To create a user-friendly online printing platform.


Users can create accounts, upload content, pay, and print.

We focused on simplifying the users' journey by breaking it down into simple tasks and by confirming actions.

I've been documenting a few web explorations here

If you have any questions or need additional details 
please feel free to reach out to me with the details below.