Hi There

I've collected a few projects here that show off my skills and what I could add to your team!

Accenture Real-time 
Spatial Analytics - 2019

Business objective

The broadest criteria were to create a unique experience and wow clients.

I developed a Bluetooth beacon tracking system, which allowed conference attendees to track where they moved, who they moved with, and how often they moved.

There were multiple interaction points throughout the conference; web signup, name tag distribution, and big screen interaction.

Milk Up - 2020

Business objective

Connect with their audience and create social shareable content. 


Users compete against professional athletes in long-jump, high-jump, running on the spot and dead hang. We capture the user's data and rank them against a relevant professional athlete. Sharing with them social assets for their Instagram and Tik Tok. 

Cannoe - 2020


Business objective

Translate the brand's in-store presence into an online experience. Focusing on animation and transitions to bring the brand's *high*-end experience online.


Using our goto front-end framework (vue.js) we created a stunning web experience. Bringing some more subtle/bespoke animations with lottie. 

I've been documenting a few web explorations here

If you have any questions or need additional details 
please feel free to reach out to me with the details below.