Hello George Brown

Jeff mentioned that there is a need for instructors in the Mobile Application Development and Strategy Program. I'm interested in teaching a few of the courses and I feel that I'd a be a great fit for some of them.

Let me introduce myself, I was the technical director/founder at Tennis for the past 5 years, where I managed and developed a range of sites/web apps and interactive installations. I have a strong curiosity for technology and for the way we interact with it. Experimenting with IOT, PWA, and other emerging stacks is something I can't get enough of. 

My role as Technical Director managing a small team was diverse. I designed and ran the development process. This included consulting with our clients on their business objectives, determining the technologies to be used, and training/managing our staff throughout development.

I'm reaching out to you for this position because I really enjoy managing a team. At Tennis it was gratifying teaching and seeing my employees grow. I feel that I would be able to provide students solid fundamentals that I know they would use in their careers.

I've taught tutorials at UofT and at OCAD, these were single lectures on physical computing (arduino and electronics).

I reviewed the curriculum (from this link).www.georgebrown.ca/programs/mobile-application-development-and-strategy-program-t430/#coursesContent

I wouldn't feel comfortable teaching a few of the classes. They seem to deal with native apps, which I haven't touched enough to teach, but the web development class looks like a good fit for me.

Let me know when you are available for a call I'd be interested in finding out more details about the program. I'm available most days 8am to 5pm.

To view my most update resume please review my linked-in page https://www.linkedin.com/in/bohdananderson/